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I know it can be overwhelming when you are entering the world of Business, or you want to write your first book. You have the idea,but dont know where to start, where to get this or that, the covers, where should you publish, print or digital first? Confusing, overwhelming right!? I hear you, I have been there and you are in the right place!I can help.  

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Seasoned Digital Publisher, Entrepreneur and Award Winning Author, Wisdom Mupudzi is here to help you navigate the journey of writing and publishing your first book! Having done it and awarded an International Award for it!

Writing your First Book 

I wrote my first book, Uncommon Destiny Uncommon Partner many years ago. and it went on to win a Silver Award, Relationships and Sexuality Category, in the E Lit Awards, run by the Jenkins Group. E Lit Awards were created to reward Digital Publishing Execellence. I later released the book in print as well. The Jenkins Group are a Publishing and Services company with over 2 decades in the industry! 

I have since written and published over a dozen publications across Amazon, and many other platforms which are not so main stream ( more about that later) . I say this to say, no matter which stage of the journey, you are at, 'i get you". 

So in the Strategy Sesssion, its about identifying where you are at the moment and help you create an outline or a plan of action towards your publishing goals. Many people have the ideas to write a book, however, they are being held back, sometimes they know and sometimes they dont know what it is, that is holding them back. However in the Strategy Session, I will help you navigate those barries, so you can be able to make a difference in this world by writing and publishing your first book. 

Here is what some of my Readers had to say about some of my books. Here is one review for, HOW TO STUDY FOR RESULTS, a book I wrote for students. 

Mupudzi takes you through one of the best methods available, he himself has been through the "system" so has empathy of the hardships students have to endure. Mupudzi writes with real life experience, he has a clear understanding of how difficult it is to balance study, work and fun.

Here is one more, review for How To Pray From Your Royal Position

Have you ever touched something ordinary looking, but got a tremendous feeling from it? Well, it seems that this phenomenon breaches into the digital sphere as well. At first there was nothing striking about this ebook, but as I began to read, I could almost sense the authenticity and sincerity in the author's writing voice

(Reviews as seen on Amazon, both books available) 

So I know that the book, you have on the inside of you will make a difference in someone else' life. This is more than writing a book, its about making an impact and leaving a legacy. 

The publishing industry has changed and is continually changing. Many people make mistakes in their early days that costs them thousands annually. I will also help you find the best platforms, and also if you need clarity on whether Print or Digital First. Having published my first book in both Print and Digital, i know the journey, and you can save thousands by avoiding the mistakes that many are making. 

Why Strategy Session ?

I'm not an Author, I am an Entrepreneur - Robert Kiyosaki. 

I believe when you write a book, you become more than an Author, or at least you need to become more than that. You can become both, an Author and Entrepreneur. Why Entrepreneur? 

This is about looking at your work with a commercial lense, thats what Robert Kiyosaki was trying to say. So in this Strategy we are taking things deeper, with lessons from my own journey, common mistakes etc. 

So this Strategy Session is ideal for someone who is looking to have several more books in the picture, use the book to build a brand, build a business, use a book to generate leads etc. IF YOU JUST WANT TO WRITE A BOOK FOR A HOBBY PURPOSES, THIS STRATEGY SESSION IS NOT FOR YOU. I had to apply the brakes with someone a few months ago, after I realised that they felt uncomfortable to create revenue with their book, go figure right!? Many people have an issue getting rewarded financially for their work, this is a whole another issue that they need help with. If you are not sure if this Strategy Session is for you, just reach out through my Social Channels, Instagram or Facebook and I will take it up from there! 

Journey Preparedness and Maximisation of Intellectual Capital 

Traditional publishers are known for giving royalties of around 10 % and below. Of course the figure will vary from house to house, however, its usually 10% or less. 

 Not only that, however, for many the challenge is when the vision of the author regarding a book project is highjacked by the Publishers. Many authors, end up agreeing with things just for the pay cheque and the integrity of the project is lost, and the output is at odds with what the author intended. 

 The big advantage of the independent route is that you have TOTAL CONTROL of your work, and rightfully so. So whether you have been rejected by Traditional Publishers, or you are totally new will help you navigate the terrain. 

Many people are not fully utilising the Intellectual Capital that they have. So in this Strategy Session, its about helping you get the most out of your Intellectual Capital with ideas and strategies that you can implement right NOW. Whether you have existing or you dont have any Digital Assets, I will help you with a road map and an action plan to create some. 

Marketing and Promotion

There is one key skill that many people who enter this market miss. It is this one skill, that makes the difference. I will reveal what that skill is, and how to develop it. 

Not only that, did you know that you can use one of the Platforms to run campaigns that can get you hundreds if not thousands of leads!? In the Strategy Session, I will tell you the Platform and how to do that. 

I will also help you start thinking about building a Race Course as opposed to just having a Race Horse! Will also look at having an elaborate Content Marketing Strategy that includes key aspects of SEO. You will get practical and ACTIONABLE STRATEGIES! 

A Seasoned Digital Publisher You Can Work With

Hey there! I'm Wisdom 

I look forward to sharing with you key things that both traditional and independent publishers will never tell you. This Strategy Session will help you collapse the time line, meaning whats taking others 3/4 years to do due to lack of information, you will be able to do it in less time. We cut to the chase, and give you the 'meat' so you can have a road map and a CLEAR PLAN OF ACTION. You having your own main DIGITAL ASSET!

Otherwise for fun, I love a good movie, site seeing and good serene atmospheres!  

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I've known Wisdom Mupudzi for sometime now and he is a man with a heart for success! This isn't just limited to business or relationships but peoples journey with God and others

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