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Recode : The Identity Project Redefining A Brand Called You! Close 2023 with a bang and with the full essence of you and get ready to Slay 2024! 

As the Corona Virus took its toll in the global economy in 2020. We saw countries going on lock down and of course most if not all countries have since opened up fully and for most if not all those days of lockdowns are now history!That is now behind us! etc. Many companies shut down and that left many people at a place that they had never been before. In saying that, this also brought an opportunity for many to ask 'Who am I?"' 'What am I here for"

One of the byproducts of the pandemic is the Great Resignation that has been felt across major economies including U.S and Australia etc. It led to an Identity Shift for many people! More about Identity shift later. People who had worked in positions for over 15/20 years etc had to find themselves and redefine themselves outside of the job titles that they had carried for over a decade and for some for decades.

Coca cola, Schweppes, Gillete, Bon Jovi, Celin Dione. Do you recognise these names?? Some of these names have made it to some of our living rooms, cars, dance studios and you name it! What's that got to do with you? Im glad you asked, did you know that you are a brand? If you didnt know, now you know. Whether you like or not, when people mention your name in your absence, people associate you or know you for something! Prayerfully its good. As we enter the final weeks of 2023. this is the perfect time to Re calibrate, elevate and take your life to the next level.

 We are in the era of personal branding! In this special Master Class, we take things deeper, its about uncovering, unleashing and allowing that brand called YOU, to manifest at a higher level! its also a chance to say good bye to many of those costly things that has costed many year in and year out!

Sometime in 2019 I made a post on Instagram about Low Self Worth. I was suddenly surprised by the reaction and responses I got on the post. It was then, that i realised how big an issue is Low Self worth. It was at that point I began to dig deeper on this and realised the issue is more wide spread than I had initially thought. 

Low Self Worth is one of the reasons why many people fail to manifest purpose. Even those who know what they are called to, sad to say, often people disqualify themselves from certain opportunities because of this. This also explains repeated cycles of 'Failure on the Edge of a Breakthrough". This has costed many, years, opportunities for love and even thousands in terms of lost revenue from forfeited opportunities and possibilities etc

It was at that point, I took a step back, to reflect on some of the many things that I have found to stop many people from manifesting purpose. I also examined some of my key achievements and my own turning points. I was able to draw from my wide experiences as an Award Winning Author, Digital Publisher and my vast reservoir of experience in the market place from working in multiple industries here in Australia and also overseas. My interactions with many people and key things that I have found to be stumbling blocks as well things that many people have come to me for help on. Let me just say, ladies and gentlemen, the key to manifesting purpose lies huugggely in who we are. People pray for breakthroughs, and sometimes the breakthrough comes, only for people to push it away!? Why i hear you ask, simply because, people due to low self worth, push the breakthrough away because they think its 'too good to be true". For many people there is an ''inner conflict'' that happens anytime they are about to get an ''upgrade''. This inner conflict manifests in many ways which are covered in this Masterclass.

Having said that, the good news is that I recently recorded a Webinar where I cover this subject in detail and also practical things that you can do to move past this. Not only that, I have also included many things that stop many people from stepping into their purpose. My goal is to give you tools and 'weapons' that will enable you to BREAK THROUGH so you can manifest your purpose, step into that job of your dreams, start that business, write that book, finally say no and walk out of that toxic relationship.

 This Webinar is designed to bring transformation, breakthrough and a new paradigm shift that is critical to progression and sustainable success! Good thing, is that you can watch it at your own pace, take notes etc and you have LIFE TIME ACCESS!

" Great insight on personal branding, great relationship advise for Singles. Consider a full blown Session, or a Series to help others as you have wise insights" - Nokuhle Mthombeni, Sydney Australia on Recode, The Identity Project 

'This is truly a MasterClass, I love how you combine business with psychology, this is a must have! I hope you will do a Live Event on this! "- Judith Jackson on Recode, The Identity Project

"I like that you are not only a good teacher, but you can explain things in a very practical way. I now believe I'm a brand, thank you!" - Jade, New Zealand on Recode, The Identity Project 



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Very informational good read easy to understand it gives you deep revelation that every believer needs! I recommend this to all believers - put the word on it 

Earlier in the year, I released , The Devine Alignment MasterClass and here is what fellow Author, Simbarashe Nyamadzawo had to say about it. 

"“I enjoyed the entire teaching, more so the first part which is about relationships and the second part which is about finances. I particularly liked the fact that digital economy is the new economy.” 

Here is another review as seen on Amazon for one of my projects, The Dangers of Social Networks, 

'Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase 

Facebook and other social networks provide us with many opportunities and and the same time they may be a total disaster, especially if they deprive us from the time with our families. The author of this book raises up some well-founded worries about the social networks. Yes, they are really a spiritual warfare. I recommend it with all my heart! - Steven I George (Stoyan Georgiev)

Ready to Step Up and reclaim your position and power as a brand, a Brand Called YOU!? They say, if you do the same, you get the same. Start your 2024 on a better footing, and avoid having a 2023 in 2024!

For a limited time, you can access this at the current special price as below and kiss good bye to all the things that have held you back from purpose as covered in this special Master Class. Also you will get a special Bonus, Spirituality in the Marketlace ($197), a webinar that I did that touches on how Spirituality is shaping the market place and what this means for you, for your family etc (Hosea 4:6). You will also get exclusive access to a private Facebook Group ($197). In this private Facebook Group, you will have direct access to me, you can ask any questions etc.

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Here's some of the things covered...

Low Self Worth 

This is one of the reasons, why a woman will push a good man away, by the same token, a man will push a good woman away. 

When Low Self Worth exists in a person, that person is prone to push away good things. This is hugely operating at a subconscious, in this special training, we cover this in detail and also provide the remedy. Low Self Worth issues manifest themselves in many ways, in the lives of individuals as you will see in this special Masterclass. Not only will you see that, but you will be able to get the remedy as well. 

Low Deserve Levels  

This is common among many entrepreneurs and people at large. 

You have no idea how many Entepreneurs etc who struggle with that battle between Passion and Profit. Recently I met a man with over 30 years in business, who lamented to some of the goings on, in his business and they were not pretty. As he explained the wrestle between those two, I knew straight away, that his issue was tied to low deserve levels. 

This issue explained a lot as to why his business was not yet fully maximised! This issue is real, its not a joke! 

Many people feel guilty when it comes to charging for their services. When you handle this, you will be able to show up in the marketplace and present your value without flinching and without apology! 

Handling Rejection  

Lets face it, you are not everybody' s cup of tea!  

We have all encountered rejection in some way, shape or form. However, many people haven't been able to move forward after something that happened in their past. In this class, we take things deeper. How best do you handle rejection and how do you move past a rejection that has plagued you for years!? You can finally say yes to a new future, as you bypass that rejection, no matter who it was. Rejection is one of those stubborn destiny blockers that manifests itself in so many ways, get the full information and step into your future! 

You and Finances 

The Number 1 lie about money 

I was totally shocked when i discovered that there is such a negative attitude about money in some circles. Part of that, is that there is one verse of the bible that many people have twisted. This is why in one breadth people will talk negative about money, but a few seconds later they want the same money to use for other things. We go deeper in this, this is especially for those called to the market place. Whether you are working in a job, or you are an Entrepreneur. After having worked in many industries and sectors, I share wisdom not from theory but from the hard core, hand to hand, hands on, market experience. We live in a Global Economy with real market forces, and now hugely driven by technology! Many people are confused and frustrated because the things that many preachers say on pulpits are in direct contrast to the real world economy, where people live, trade and conduct transactions. A real world economy with inflation, interest rates and industrial and technological shifts and innovation, go figure! 

Branding Lessons from Jamie Oliver 

A Brand Called You and the Real Economy  

This is mainly for those with an Entrepreneurial inclination, we are now in the era of personal branding. So the best thing a person can do, is to understand both the ups and downs of personal branding. 

Recently news broke out that one of Jamie's restaurant chain was now in the hands of the administrator, KPMG. Despite a global brand, part of his chain, failed! How, crazy right, employees close to a thousand were made redundant. Imagine walking to work one morning and being told, you have been made redundant effectively! So in this class, we are looking at the lessons that this scenario has to teach all of us! 


YOUR SPECIAL BONUS FOR TAKING ACTION, SPIRITUALITY IN THE MARKET PLACE. This special Webinar, gets to the core of whats happening in the marketplace relating to spirituality. This gets to the core of the changes happening and how that affects you, your children, the next generation etc. 


Ready to move past your barriers and Break Through

What will that mean for you to drop off all the 'elements' the 'destiny stealers', 'destiny blockers'. Imagine how you will feel when you have finally broken through!? Ready to rediscover, the magic and the wonder of that majestic brand called you!? Progress with the rest of 2023, rocking a brand called you! As a reward for taking action, included as above are your special BONUSES, SPIRITUALITY IN THE MARKET PLACE webinar, valued at $197. Plus Private Facebook Group ($197) where you have direct access to me and other amazing content. Click Button Below to get started! 

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