• As 2023 comes to an end many people are feeling a frustration and a desire for something more. The feeling that there is more out 'there' for you.
  • You may feel like there is a bigger you thats waiting to manifest. Some of you are feeling a hunger and a knowing that there is ''more'' for you.
  • Many people in 2023 you have shrunk at the feet of opportunity due to things that are Identity related. Some people you have doubted yourself and for years you have kicked opportunities because you felt unworthy of those opportunities at a deeper level.
  • You see, there is a deep corelation between your identity and your purpose! In the Free EBOOK, Identity the Key To Purpose, I explain further. Some people you are in toxic relationships and the moment you redefine yourself, you will be able to walk out of those relationships
  • Some people you are working full time in jobs that you dont like, though deep down you know, you are born for more and there is more out there for you! This is your golden opportunity to learn how your Identity is linked to your purpose and your overall fulfillment.
  • Some people you love your jobs, but deep down you know there is more. Some people you have gifts and talents that you are currently not using but desperately hope to make use of ''someday''. Others you have hidden passions for good that you haven't given permission to come through yet. Download the Ebook below to learn more..
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  • If you are called to the marketplace for such a time as this, this is a MUST have ebook. Many people in the marketplace you are facing all sorts of pressures which demand that you are well grounded in this area. Many people what you are going through are people and situations that are basically asking you the proverbial question, "who the hell are you??". You need to reply that with a bold and firm answer!
  • Identity not only affects purpose, but business, relationships and our overall well being. Some people you are in toxic relationships and the moment you have an Identity shift, you will finally walk out of that relationship despite having tried for a long time.
  • Whether you are single, looking for a career change, tired of the 9-5, you feel a tug towards something bigger, something greater, this FREE EBOOK is for you. 
  • Some people you need to let go of who ''they'' said you are, and truly embrace who you are becoming!
  • What will happen if you starting showing up in your full glory, without fear, shame or apology??
  • By embracing who you are and reading this ebook, some people you will be able to finally open certain doors and step into your purpose!
  • Through this ebook, some people you will be able to learn things that can prevent you from wasting the next few years of your life and also protect yourself from unnecessary heart ache and pain.

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EBook written by Multi Award Winning and Published Author, Book Coach and Publisher Wisdom V Mupudzi. He has been interviewed across various media, in Australia, U.S etc. Some of his popular books include, Head to Head With Jezebel, Uncommon Destiny Uncommon Partner etc

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