Divine Alignment Master Class 2022!

As 2022 comes to a close, I recently did a 3 Part Alignment Series. I truly believe this is the best season to be aligned with the plans and purposes of God. Whilst the world has been gradually emerging from Covid, it has left a sting in its tail. In saying that, many people you are determined to have a better life that aligns with the plans and purposes of God. What came with Covid is change. Churches have changed, our culture in many ways has changed. Another classic example, is that Covid or no Covid, working from home has become commonplace. With some companies working from home is now the norm or part of the bargaining exercise where many employees are given a minimum of 2 days at the very least to work from home etc. Bottom line is our world has changed!

What has not changed is the fact that as humans when we align ourselves with the plans and purposes of God, we create a world of peace and order. However, if we deviate from the plans and purposes of God, we create chaos, anarchy, dispondency and despair at the bare minimum. Just look around you, war Ukraine, chaos in Iran etc

In the above mentioned ALIGNMENT series, we look at Peace, Discernment and Atmospheres. These are only three elements of a much deeper conversation. I hereby invite you to the Divine Alignment Masterclass of 2022. We are going to take this conversation much deeper, the goal being to usher you to your next stage or level. We are in a world where we have to be discerning more than ever! Good news is that in the Alignment Masterclass, we shall also look at practical ways to sharpen your discernment etc. As we saw in one of the videos, one woman was prepared to forgo two pieces of property to just have some peace! This is not a joke, these are real situations! Many people if you can take your discernment more seriously, you will avoid unnecessary pain and heart ache!

Many people you love God and you go to church regularly but you go back home to the same atmospheres that are keeping you in bondage or holding aspects of you hostage. Its one thing to get delivered, and its another to keep your deliverance! We have so many young people who are manifesting under a strong anointing, reason being, their enemy is not this is or that, their enemy is their mobile phones! In the Alignment Masterclass,we are breaking that all down for you. If you have been through a rough year, you definitely want to be a part of this. By the end of the class, you will be equipped and empowered and in some cases ready to make some changes that help you towards purpose and keep you DELIVERED!

In this Masterclass, I bring a wealth of knowledge, experience gained in not only serving the church but also the marketplace in different countries. Growing up and serving the church in Africa as well as working for several industries. This then combined with spending many years serving the ministry of prayer in Australia and also working in some of Australia's largest telcos, I can relate with a lot of the challenges that many people are facing when it comes to having not only work/life balance but also as a kingdom citizen!

As many of you know by now, im no stranger. I have been around the block. Some of my earlier books include Three Levels of Prayer, Uncommon Destiny Uncommon Partner etc. I had no idea that the many years I spent in the prayer room on friday nights leading a prayer team, for one of the local churches were going to culminate into this. However, God is good. I'm so excited to be sharing this with you. Serving the church allowed me to understand church culture very well. Like everyone else, I have had my own battles that i had to fight and I saw God come through all the time! Its through the trenches that I gained insight, experience and wisdom regarding many of the things that I will be sharing on the night. Of course, some of the things I have shared through my books, and reviews on places like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Private platforms are only a tip of the iceberg!

This class is not for everyone and I'm not everyone' s cup of tea, and i'm okay with that! This class is for that beleiver who is serious about life and manifesting the plans and purpose of God. You may already feel that you are part of the remnant, if you dont feel that, thats okay too.

Spirituality has invaded the marketplace in a more violent and ruthless way! We are breaking that on the night. We cant do church like its 1995, our world has changed. It does get interesting under a strong anointing these young kids start manifesting! Some people you went out one night and came back home after an evening of ''fun'' and suddenly you start dreaming flying or swimming regularly! You knew something changed, and you dont know what!? Join the masterclass and discover what you must do immediately! Good news, once you win, those dreams of you flying or swimming can come to an end!

I have no time for fluff, i keep it one hundred! If you have Three Levels of prayer or any of my books, you already I cut to the chase, no tippy toeing around here!

Organisations such as FBI, CIA and ASIO ( if you are in Australia) spent billions annually gathering intelligence! I beleive this is just a reminder of how important information is. Special forces such as SEAL 6, who took down Osama Bin Laden, not only use intelligence in their special operations but they are particular about execution! I beleive this is the hour, that God is hand picking many of his remnant for special operations, in different spheres of our economies. Be it education, arts, media etc. Seal 6 are not about numbers but about quality, you will be surprised by what a well equipped person can do! First thing that God did when it comes to Gideon, was to tell him to reduce the size of his army! Many people you are surrounded by Frenemies as we saw in the Video 2 in the Alignment series! We are taking this conversation deeper in the masterclass!

This Alignment Masterclass wiill be recorded on Thursday 8th of December 8pm ADST. If you cant make it LIVE dont worry, you have the recording to keep! You will get the recording within 24hours of the live event!

This year, has been just like the other years. We saw one major scandal that has almost collapsed one of the most celebrated churches! Who knew behind this mega church there was so much going on! They even made a documentary, I watched the three part documentary and I was reminded of the issues covered in the documentary! Truth is, God's people are hurting in churches. You cant control what happens in churches, the only behaviour you can control is yours! In saying that, Head to Head With Jezebel addresses a lot of those things and also how you can keep healthy boundaries etc As part of this class, you also get the Print Edition of Head to Head WIth Jezebel! Will sign a copy for you before sending it! Still on church, how does someone get raped in church? Has church become more about empires to the point that the vulnerable are trampled upon? I beleive churches should be a place where everyone feels safe. Head to Head with Jezebel will certainly help with that as well as some stuff i will be sharing on that powerful night during the masterclass!

In this Masterclass, we are also going to look at why 2020 was so important among other things of course and the importance of Gates in the context of where we are, and also how do we move forward. How do you keep peace in a chaotic world and so much more.

I will also be sharing some of the things that keep many people out of ALlGNMENT and what to do about it. If you are in church leadership, you want to be part of this! As they say, the anointing flows from the head! Thats a mystery for another day! Early in 2020, God showed me that a lot of leaders were going to perish because of their inability to heed this one thing that has kept many out of Alignment, and sure enough, i saw leader after leader perishing, because they refused to let go of this one thing! Will be revealing that ''thing'' during the Master Class. If you have been on any of my webinars or read any of my books, you already know, we dont joke here, and neither do we tippy toe around issues, we take them head on.

Please note, this MasterClass is not for everybody. I'm here to serve, I could have easily kept this treasure to myself. However, I want to share this with people who are serious, and those willing to meet me half way! If you are looking for something entertaining, sorry this is not for you. I will leave the preachertainment, and motivation to others. We dont do motivation here. Here is an example, When was the last time you heard a sermon about the Strongman?? Exactly!!! Either its been a long a time, or maybe you have never heard one before, go figure right!!! You dont hear anything about that, but it doesnt meant that that part of the bible doesnt work. Trust me, i could go on and on! In a nutshell, I touch things that most preachers dont touch but are real and things that move the needle! I have been blessed to have grown up in church in Africa and also been a part of both mega, and small churches whilst here in Australia. Not only that, but just before I wrote Head to Head With Jezebel, i was a regular on many Prayer Skype Calls where dozens of believers would gather around. This is where my mind was blown when i began to see different beleivers in different jurisdictions basically experience the same thing. That led to the book Head to Head With Jezebel, which you will be shipped to you upon signing up!

 This Masterclass is for that visionary leader who wants more out of life, that lead who is ''hungry'' for more of God and His agenda on the earth realm. A leader who is likely to be called in the market place, just like me, probably you have worked in industry along side Moslems, New Agers, Hindus etc and you have found some of today's preachers out of touch with reality. You want to deepen your walk with God, and you want the best out of life and want to make the most out of the new year! Its a fresh chance and opportunity to start off on a clean slate. If you are ready to go deep, this is your chance!

This is your chance, to return to your core. This is a chance to be in that place where you are divinely aligned, to shut down the entertainment for a second. ( more about that during the class) etc As Beth Moore once famoulsy tweeted, '' The adrenalin will fade"'. When the adrenalin is gone, what remains? As the year ends. The fear mongering about ''grandchildren of Omicron'''has started but its failing to get steam! People are tired, and are not willing to go back to 12-18months ago, and rightfully so! Its time for the world to move on! I may not know whats on the corner, or where the next war is coming from, however, what i know is when we are Divinely Aligned, we can face whatever comes with confidence not with fear!

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Head to Head With Jezebel ( Also available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc )


This is one of my most controversial ebooks.

The ugly truth is we cant do church like 20 years ago. We are seeing sexual scandals on pulpits like never before. We are seeing people going to church and end up eating grass etc I could spend all day, but key point being the church you attend affects your life a lot. In this ebook I look at key things to consider among many other sensitive topics.

 Australia has a serious crisis when it comes to Domestic violence, included is my take on the Gittany case, a domestic violence case that rocked us all so much so that Channel 7 had a special bulletin for it and hired an expert to create a replica of the crime scene. Included is full evidence of the spirit behind it and lessons for us all. 

 This is a BONUS that I have added as it complements topics and issued in the Master Class. From the 22 million financial Breakthrough that one man of God received moments after taking Jezebel head on, to key things to look for before one joins a church. Trust me, many of today' s christians are in dry churches and its playing havoc with their divine mandates and destiny!


“Very informative and a good read that teaches on important issues.” - Rutendo , Author and Entrepreneur 

(Review of Head to Head with Jezebel, which is also included in the MasterClass package, as seen on Amazon

"Divine alignment is an answer to the many questions the church has today. Individually and corporately the church has big questions that keep circulating. How can we get spiritually 're centered'?, as it would be in a GPS operation, is via Divine Alignment.  

Divine Alignment Masterclass will surely wake you up, keep you alert and help you move, lest you 'get sifted by the enemy' as intended in the book of Luke.  

The Author of Divine Alignment has surely used the platform, to strengthen others".

Faith Mhasvi ( SWORD QUEEN), Seasoned Intercessor and Blogger 


“I enjoyed the entire teaching, more so the first part which is about relationships and the second part which is about finances. I particularly liked the fact that digital economy is the new economy.” - Simba Nyamadzawo ( Multipublished Author 

 Review of The Devine Alignment MasterClass 

“Have you ever touched something ordinary looking, but got a tremendous feeling from it? Well, it seems that this phenomenon breaches into the digital sphere as well. At first there was nothing striking about this ebook, but as I began to read, I could almost sense the authenticity and sincerity in the author's writing voice. I've been a Christian man a long time, and after the death of my father, my faith was challenged. However, it is little things like this that come into my life that make me believe we all can truly connect to our home through prayer. This ebook helped to reenforce for me a few things:  

* The humility of Christ as it relates to prayer, "Approach as a child". * The respect we should have when praying, not only for the results that are sure to follow, but for the one we are speaking to with our hearts. * The courage to face prayer from the positions we are ultimately meant to occupy.  

I thank you for writing this sir. May God be with you, and continue to work through you. Like ripples on a pond..” - James Villepigue 

Review of How To Pray From Your Royal Position as seen on Amazon

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Meet the Presenter and Executive Producer of The Divine Alignment MasterClass

Wisdom V Mupudzi 

Wisdom V Mupudzi is the CEO and Founder of Wisdom Unlimited International. He is a Multi Award Winning Author, Digital Publisher, and Digital Entrepreneur. ( Over a dozen publications on Amazon, Smashwords, Itunes, Kobo etc) Wisdom has been interviewed on both local and international media.,

“One of my passions is to see people manifest their purpose and walk out their God given purpose and mandate. However in today's world of entertainment, key fundamentals are being left and in this Master Class I m covering those things that hinder people from being in Devine Alignment and also key things to enable one to be devinely aligned so one can have a great year ahead! So many have not so glorious years because knowingly or unknowingly they are out of alignment. By making adjustments and being at a place of Divine Alignment, one is at the best place to be, i cover this in the MasterClass"

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In the next few weeks, the year 2022 comes to an end. Whether this has been a good year or a bad year, we all have a chance to to start on a clean slate. The best place to be is the place of Alignment.

In this Masterclass we shall identify and know some of the key things that are keeping many people out of alignment and that may have costed many in 2022. Things that are wreaking havoc with the destinies of many believers. Good news is once you know them, you can make smart and more informed choices and you dont have to be a victim or go through next year with the same things! Once you know those, then it means you know how to handle them or even avoid them altogether which places you in good stead when it comes to the new season approaching! Maybe the issue in 2022 is not that God is not answering your prayers, maybe the issue as you are about to find out on the night, ALIGNMENT! Use the button below and get started! With the right information, you can stop certain things from reoccurring in the next season!