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As 2021 comes to an end. I'm reminded that much of what we have seen in 2021 is a spill over from what began in 2020. This was a criticial year on 2 fronts! 2020 was the beginning of a new Year and not only that but the gateway to a new decade! This is what you call a Two Leaved Gate (Isaiah 45)

l don't know who you are, and what you do and where you are, but I know one thing. We have all been affected by what happened in 2020. Let me call it, the ''bug situation'', its a bug that no one was ready for. The church included. Churches, companies, have been decimated by this, ''bug'. If you are like me, probably, you have heard many prophecies suggesting this was going to end in April 2020, etc but more than 18 months on, this ''thing'' is raging on. True things are opening up, but there is a ''catch'. When did getting ''poked'' become the ''salvation''? When we know that in 6 months time, people will need to get ''poked'' again. When does this end??

The condition for opening up has been to get ''poked''. How did we get here? For example, if you are in Victoria, Australia. You cant open a church without getting ''poked''. Meaning to be a pastor in Victoria and open a church, you have to get ''poked''. Too many stories of people who wake up fine one day and then against their better judgement, they go get ''poked'' and boom, they cant work for the near future as they deal with the adverse reactions of the greatest experiment on human kind i have ever seen or heard of! Your body is your choice, you have sovereign right over your body, you have the choice to decide what gets in your body and what doesn't! By the same token, my body and my choice! When all these demonic legislations are being passed, where was the church???

What is really going on? And as a kingdom child, why were we not ready for this? How did we get here? I thought the Church was powerful? Where is the power, isnt the Church being impacted like everyone else? I totally feel for pastors and the stress they are going through, but you know what, lets call a spade a spade! Where is the power that the church claim to have??? The Church has been tested by the pandemic and has been founding wanting on many fronts!!!!

Hi there, im here to invite you to the Divine Alignment Masterclass 2021. This is a Masterclass carefully designed to help you make sense of whats happening around us and also come to the place of Divine Alignment. Everything works when you are perfectly aligned with God's agenda. This is the main thrust for this masterclass.

I will be sharing eternal truths that you find in the word etc but that have been kicked to the curb as many people focuss on entertainment etc. I will also be sharing with you personal testimonies, many treasures for this hour etc. This is the hour, where its been about the huge instagram followers and this mega preacher, and this rockster preacher and the next. However, we have all seen many of the rockstar preachers etc fall by the wayside as they get caught in one scandal after the other, including sexual ones. Notice that we didnt mention any names here, however it is is what it is. I believe the time has come to drop EVERYTHING and go back to basics and to his AGENDA for you and for mankind at large.

In this Masterclass, we are going to look at why 2020 was so important, and the importance of Gates in the context of where we are, and also how do we move forward. How do you keep peace in a chaotic world and so much more.

Whether 2021 has been a good year or a bad year, this is the perfect place to be, as I want to arm you so that you can close the year with a bang and also start the new year from a place of power, strength and ALIGNMENT. With each year, there is one day out of 365 days that govern things, will be sharing what day that is, and what to do with that day!

I will also be sharing some of the things that keep many people out of ALlGNMENT and what to do about it. If you are in church leadership, you want to be part of this! As they say, the anointing flows from the head! Thats a mystery for another day! Early last year God showed me that a lot of leaders were going to perish because of their inability to heed this one thing that has kept many out of Alignment, and sure enough, i saw leader after leader perishing, because they refused to let go of this one thing! Will be revealing that ''thing'' during the Master Class. If you have been on any of my webinars or read any of my books, you already know, we dont joke here, and neither do we tippy toe around issues, we take them head on. I believe this is going to be an evening of deliverance, breakthrough and realignment and total alignment with the most High.

Please note, this MasterClass is not for everybody. I'm here to serve, I could have easily kept this treasure to myself. However, I want to share this with people who are serious, and those willing to meet me half way! If you are looking for something entertaining, sorry this is not for you. I will leave the preachertainment, and motivation to others. We dont do motivation here. Here is an example, When was the last time you heard a sermon about the Strongman?? Exactly!!! Either its been a long a time, or maybe you have never heard one before, go figure right!!! You dont hear anything about that, but it doesnt meant that that part of the bible doesnt work. Trust me, i could go on and on! In a nutshell, I touch things that most preachers dont touch but are real and things that move the needle! I have been blessed to have grown up in church in Africa and also been a part of both mega, and small churches whilst here in Australia. Not only that, but just before I wrote Head to Head With Jezebel, i was a regular on many Prayer Skype Calls where dozens of believers would gather around. This is where my mind was blown when i began to see different beleivers in different countries experiencing the same things etc. This of course led to Head to Head With Jezebel, of which you will get the ebook version as a Bonus when you sign up for the MasterClass.

 This Masterclass is for that visionary leader who wants more out of life, that leader who is basically 'done' with the 'milk', the 'preachertainment', and many of the religious exercises that dont add anything to your life but that leave you the same. You are the leader who is likely to be called in the market place, just like me, probably you have worked in industry along side Moslems, New Agers, Hindus etc and you have found some of today's preachers out of touch with reality. You want to deepen your walk with God, and you want the best out of life and want to make the most out of the new year! Its a fresh chance and opportunity to start off on a clean slate. If you are ready to go deep, and you are tired of the milk and fluff that is on many pulpits, then this is your chance.

This is your chance, to return to your core. This is a chance to be in that place where you are divinely aligned, to shut down the entertainment etc As Beth Moore once famoulsy tweeted, '' The adrenalin will fade"'. When the adrenalin is gone, what remains? As the year progresses, we dont know when the Covid storm will end but what I know is that when we are devinely aligned we are in the best place for our lives. We know mutations are popping and may not end anytime soon. From Delta Plus, to Lambda to whatever else. If we are in Alignment we can navigate whatever comes in peace and with His grace etc  We can end the year strong, and start the new season from a place of power, grace, ALignment and Joy!

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- You will get your Zoom lInk to the Live Masterclass, if you cant make it live, you will get the recording after. Live Broadcast Commences 8pm, 18 November 2021 AEST ( expect this to go anything between 1h 30 minutes to 2 Hours)

- You will also get a Copy of the Ebook, Head to Head with Jezebel.

- Please note your Copy of Head to Head with Jezebel will be emailed as soon as you register, so you can start reading it today if you wish!

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Head to Head With Jezebel ( Also available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble etc )


This is one of my most controversial ebooks.

The ugly truth is we cant do church like 20 years ago. We are seeing sexual scandals on pulpits like never before. We are seeing people going to church and end up eating grass etc I could spend all day, but key point being the church you attend affects your life a lot. In this ebook I look at key things to consider among many other sensitive topics.

 Australia has a serious crisis when it comes to Domestic violence, included is my take on the Gittany case, a domestic violence case that rocked us all so much so that Channel 7 had a special bulletin for it and hired an expert to create a replica of the crime scene. Included is full evidence of the spirit behind it and lessons for us all. 

 This is a BONUS that I have added as it complements topics and issued in the Master Class. From the 22 million financial Breakthrough that one man of God received moments after taking Jezebel head on, to key things to look for before one joins a church. Trust me, many of today' s christians are in dry churches and its playing havoc with their divine mandates and destiny!


“Very informative and a good read that teaches on important issues.” - Rutendo , Author and Entrepreneur 

(Review of Head to Head with Jezebel, which is also included in the MasterClass package, as seen on Amazon

"Divine alignment is an answer to the many questions the church has today. Individually and corporately the church has big questions that keep circulating. How can we get spiritually 're centered'?, as it would be in a GPS operation, is via Divine Alignment.  

Divine Alignment Masterclass will surely wake you up, keep you alert and help you move, lest you 'get sifted by the enemy' as intended in the book of Luke.  

The Author of Divine Alignment has surely used the platform, to strengthen others".

Faith Mhasvi ( SWORD QUEEN), Seasoned Intercessor and Blogger 


“I enjoyed the entire teaching, more so the first part which is about relationships and the second part which is about finances. I particularly liked the fact that digital economy is the new economy.” - Simba Nyamadzawo ( Multipublished Author 

 Review of The Devine Alignment MasterClass 

“Have you ever touched something ordinary looking, but got a tremendous feeling from it? Well, it seems that this phenomenon breaches into the digital sphere as well. At first there was nothing striking about this ebook, but as I began to read, I could almost sense the authenticity and sincerity in the author's writing voice. I've been a Christian man a long time, and after the death of my father, my faith was challenged. However, it is little things like this that come into my life that make me believe we all can truly connect to our home through prayer. This ebook helped to reenforce for me a few things:  

* The humility of Christ as it relates to prayer, "Approach as a child". * The respect we should have when praying, not only for the results that are sure to follow, but for the one we are speaking to with our hearts. * The courage to face prayer from the positions we are ultimately meant to occupy.  

I thank you for writing this sir. May God be with you, and continue to work through you. Like ripples on a pond..” - James Villepigue 

Review of How To Pray From Your Royal Position as seen on Amazon

About the Author

Meet the Presenter and Executive Producer of The Divine Alignment MasterClass

Wisdom V Mupudzi 

Wisdom V Mupudzi is the CEO and Founder of Wisdom Unlimited International. He is a Multi Award Winning Author, Digital Publisher, and Digital Entrepreneur. ( Over a dozen publications on Amazon, Smashwords, Itunes, Kobo etc) Wisdom has been interviewed on both local and international media.,

“One of my passions is to see people manifest their purpose and walk out their God given purpose and mandate. However in today's world of entertainment, key fundamentals are being left and in this Master Class I m covering those things that hinder people from being in Devine Alignment and also key things to enable one to be devinely aligned so one can have a great year ahead! So many have not so glorious years because knowingly or unknowingly they are out of alignment. By making adjustments and being at a place of Devine Alignment, one is at the best place to be, i cover this in the MasterClass"

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